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 Monday, May 27, 2002

That's it for tonight, campers. Even though I have way too much to do, I pretty much took the day off today. Normal posting will resume tomorrow.  :-)
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More News about Aggregators

News Aggregation, TNG
"News Aggregation
 Why it matters

One of my favorite Radio features is its news feed aggregator. Radio goes from your desktop to web sites around the world, checking for and picking up headlines and articles from newspapers, weblogs, and other web sites. Some services, like NewsIsFree and the fee-based and YellowBrix run directories of feeds.

A software standard, RSS, makes it easy to do. Each source is represented by a file listing the latest headlines and a description of each story. That file has a URL, you tell Radio about it (copy url and paste), Radio checks it and, as the source updates, shows the new stories on a local News page....

Your own custom news portal.

Browsable news, pushed to you in a local database, without cluttering your mailbox.

Better than bookmarks, it is a memory tool for me, with active follow-up.

Addictive...." [a klog apart]

Lots of great ideas for aggregator enhancements. It shouldn't be too much longer before we hit a new level of usefulness.

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Two Things You Couldn't Do Under the CBDTPA

"The results are in! I can burn VCDs. Right now I'm watching the first episode of Read or Die on VCD. So far the quality of the picture is pretty damn good. It isn't perfect, but for things that aren't yet available over here it isn't bad at all. I can see it relying on how good the Divx file I'm using is, but these were really good transfers." [life - listed chronologically]

Greg is burning some VCDs to watch on his TV, but it gives me a chance to make a tangential point. If you wanted to burn VCDs of your home videos to send out your own family videos to family and friends or view on different machines you own (especially over time), you wouldn't be able to unless you had the appropriate watermarking technology embedded. Think the process to add it to your own content will be free? Willing to bet on that one?

"We are pleased to introduce Palm eBook Studio, a great new editing tool designed to help you create your own eBooks for Palm Reader. Now you can take your novel, essay, story, manual, or any other written work, and easily convert it into the most widely used eBook format in the world.  Supporting both Mac and Windows, Palm eBook Studio enables you to format text, create chapters/table of contents, add images, and create links to make your book easy to read on a Palm OS or Pocket PC handheld." [Palm Digital Media]

Same thing for your electronic text. Want to turn your kid's stories into ebooks? Better get that watermark first.

Kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?


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