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 Tuesday, November 05, 2002


So here's the deal. My internet woes continue. I'm in Palm Springs at the Internet Librarian conference, staying at the Wyndham Hotel. You may recall that I specifically chose the Wyndham because when I called the hotel itself, they said they had high-speed internet access in every room. And not the WebTV-like access, mind you. Full-fledged data ports. And it's free when you join their By Request program, which I did. So staff at the hotel told me they had it, and when I booked the room through the 800 number they told me this hotel had it.

As you can tell, they don't have it. Nada. Anywhere. Zippo. So I'm limited to 10 minutes a day at the email stations at the conference. Hence, no updates, and no, I haven't read any email you've sent me since Saturday. Ditto my news. Sigh.

And then I'm on vacation, so don't expect any further updates until mid-November. Sorry, folks. I'm just as disappointed as you are. :-/

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