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 Thursday, December 19, 2002

Blogspot RSS

"Anyone else noticed that if you want to see what RSS feeds are available at BlogSpot, you just add /rss to any blogspot hosted site? For example, I was at Howard Bashman's site today, and the path to his XML feed is:

But if you remove the filename appellateblog.xml and just go to , you get a complete list of all RSS feeds at BlogSpot hosted sites." [tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog]

Great catch, Rick!

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Online Health Info Popular in Canada

Health Information Number One Online Activity in Canada

"Gary Deane sent over This Release on new survey results released today from Ipsos-Reidís Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report shows that more Canadians have looked for online health information than any other online activity. A larger proportion of online Canadians have visited a health website than those who have sent joke emails (59%), used instant messaging (54%), conducted online banking (49%), comparison shopped (45%) or who have purchased something online (43%)." []

The bad news here is some news Glen Newton shared during his presentation at Access 2002 in October. I hope I'm paraphrasing him correctly, but he said that the Canadian law mandating bilingual versions of every government document online is causing problems for agencies because it was not supported with funding for the additional translations. Therefore, the only option Health Canada sees is to take down the thousands of pages of health information that were available only in English. While I understand the intent of the law, this is a shame, especially given the above survey results.

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I can't believe I'm the only person that wore holiday pajamas for the office party today. Sigh.

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MWA Developing Database of Libraries Looking for Mystery Writers as Speakers

"MWA (Mystery Writers of America) members who are in a library's local area or visiting it will be able to contact the library about the possibility of a program. No library will be obligated to sponsor a program with any individual writer or group of writers. There is no cost to libraries to be listed in the database. Information needed for database includes: name and full address of library, contact person, phone number with area code, email address, library URL (if available), and answers to the following questions:

  • Do you want to hear from only those authors published by major houses and independent presses, or are you willing to be approached by self-published writers?
  • Any other preferences regarding writers you are interested in? (examples: only children's authors, only those who live in this region, only those who write mysteries which take place on rainy Tuesdays...)
  • May books be sold at the event?
  • Is there other brief special information you'd like to add to your listing?
Please email the requested information to MWA has been representing mystery writers for more than 50 years, and is the organization that awards the Edgars." [What's Gnu]
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DMCA and Fair Use as Viewed by John Q. Public

2002 December 19.

This is my favorite one in the series of Ubersoft comics, and here's my favorite part from the Elcomsoft verdict article:

"But jury foreman Dennis Strader told the Associated Press that the jury considered an issue that goes more to the heart of the controversy over the law -- fair use.

After the jurors began deliberating, they asked U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte to confirm the meaning of fair use -- the consumer's traditional right to make back-up copies of media for personal use, such as to transfer an e-book to a second computer.

"Under (Adobe's) eBook formats, you have no rights at all, and the jury had trouble with that concept," Strader told the AP....

'The lesson the government should learn is: Focus on real bad guys; don't focus on people who make technology that has non- infringing uses,' said Samuelson, a member of the electronic foundation's board."

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