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 Friday, April 04, 2003

Blogs Rule on (Go Jayhawks!)

Blogs Are No. 1! Blogs Are No. 1!

"The most-read content at Believe it or not, it's currently the city site's weblogs, according to general manager Rob Curley. Curley & Co. have crafted into an edgy site with wide appeal to a younger audience (Lawrence is home to the University of Kansas), and the site's blogs are promoted heavily and displayed prominently on the home page. See, weblogs do hold some serious potential for media companies.  ( is one of several sites produced by Curley's Web team. is the main news site.)" [ E-Media Tidbits, via  MediaSavvy] is a great a way to keep up with the rockin' town that is home to my alma mater (and the soon to be NCAA basketball champions!), and the LJWorld's endeavors are consistently awarded high praise on the national level. Now all they need is a few RSS feeds to maintain their "head of the pack" status!

Actually, it would be pretty cool if they'd let you register and customize the local feeds you want to read online, including ones that will eventually come directly from the University, KJHK, the Bottleneck, etc. This type of aggregation service is a bountiful opportunity just waiting for some enterprising BigPub to notice it! Just think of the dedicated, daily eyeballs would get!

P.S. Carolina - you can't have him!

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Blog Walk with Me

Holy Fire Walk with Me, Agent Cooper - it's Laura Palmer's Secret Diary! [via EVHEAD]

"This text of this blog is based on a scan of the book by ScannerDarkly. The quotes have been transcribed by two keen Peakers."

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It's Getting Closer, Neo

Matrix Remix

"Some guy made a new trailer for the Matrix using bits and pieces from the 1st movie, the official trailers and the Animatrix movies, very cool." [i never knew]

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