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 Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Missing the Kodak Moments

The kids are on spring break right now, so yesterday I took the day off from work and we took them to Navy Pier. We had a great time and in a rare coincidence, we even had good weather. Since we've been there before, though, I didn't bother lugging a digital camera, a decision I later regretted. Here is a list of pictures I would have taken if I'd had a smart-camera-phone:

  • The kids climbing the rope ladder at the Children's Museum (because Brent is getting too tall for it!);
  • The kids climbing on the rocks instead of digging in the dinosaur dig at the Children's Museum;
  • The kids trying to play miniature golf in the Crystal Garden pavilion (trust me, it was funny);
  • The view from the top of the giant Ferris Wheel;
  • Brent getting soaked on the Sea Dog boat ride;
  • The folks on the other side of the boat getting really soaked (yay, we picked the right side on which to sit!);
  • The kids zoning out eating ice cream after a fun-filled day;
  • Kailee and her friends dancing excitedly about their impending sleepover.

Yeah, I gotta get me one of them things.

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Last week I pointed to the site but an email from Jan says that the Mohammed @ Croque Fan site was really first. I don't know the details, but I couldn't pass up highlighting their Soundboard where you can "create the list yourself."

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More Library Blogs than Ever!

I bet you didn't know that there's a Male Librarian Centerfold [blog].... No RSS feed, though. "Thanks for the pointer" goes to the Rockabilly Librarian (is he the centerfold??)!

In other news, LibraryMan is now available via RSS feed, and Peter Scott has updated his list of Library Blogs to include links to the RSS feeds! [via Library Stuff]

I still don't get the whole outliner thing, but I do see the value of maintaining directories as OPML files. Perhaps there's a way to do this for Peter's list so that we can help him maintain it as the list grows and grows?

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