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 Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Libraries Bringing You the World's Television News

A New Project from The Internet Archive

"A bit of news from Brewster Kahle and the rest of the IA team in San Francisco. The following is reposted with the permission of the IA. Working with WorldlinkTV, the Internet Archive is archiving and providing non-commercial access to a TV program that is of timely interest. Mosaic selects, translates, and repackages news programs from the Middle East for a western audience. It is fascinating. Tthey don't have al Jazeera, unfortunately. Brewster adds, 'I find this interesting because it can show a role for Internet libraries helping people understand the world based on current information (rather than solely older background material). You could always go to the library to get the world's daily newspapers, now our challenge is to do that for the world's tv news reports.' " [The ResourceShelf]

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