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 Saturday, June 14, 2003

Thieves Vs. Customers

I love this quote that Steven pulled from George Gilder's Telecosm:

"When your product is stolen by thieves, you have a police problem. When it is stolen by millions of honest customers, you have a marketing problem."

Again, more on this soon.

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Hi, Rich!

Today I got to catch up with Rich via instant messaging, so in case he's visiting tonight, here are some fun links:

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The Soundtrack Of Your Life

DJ in Philly Rents iPods to Venues Instead of Spinning Vinyl in Person

"Botany 500, a Philadelphia-based DJ, rents iPods full of custom music mixes to local restaurants, stores, and salons to play through their sound systems.

Armed with a small fleet of iPods, Porter's embarking on a one-of-a-kind business venture: filling the little mp3 players with a specially created musical catalog and renting them out to area businesses. 'Instead of going in with my vinyl and DJing for four hours, I can DJ for them for the whole month.' As far as he knows, he's the first to come up with this particular business model. (...) 'He makes it easier for us,' says Adriatica bar manager Albert Gotto, who is glad not to have to change CDs anymore. Now finding the right mood is painless. 'We can kick it up a bit after dinner. It's a very convenient service.'

Link to Philadelphia City Paper story, Discuss (Thanks, Mark)" [Boing Boing Blog]

In addition, Ernie the Attorney has found the sublime joy that is carrying around hundreds, if not thousands, of your favorite songs in your pocket. I have more to write about this soon, but after reading these two posts today, I was sitting at Brent's baseball game tonight wishing I could use my Archos Jukebox to DJ the game. Play Baby Elephant Walk, Stayin' Alive, Who Let the Dogs Out, etc. at strategic points. Man would that be fun!

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