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 Thursday, July 17, 2003


"I'm not a library scientist, nor do I play one on the Web. However, I do run, and have lots of ideas about how people conceive of books: not as ISBNs nor as editions (usually) but as works that have various instanciations.

Most recently, I've been able to add a limited form of title and author authority to ISBN. It's most notable on books written by authors who have many editions of the same title, such as Ngaio Marsh or Jane Austen. Instead of showing one item per edition, I show one listing per work with the edition information provided below.

I'd love to get feedback on how this works for people: useful? confusing? too much/too little? stupidly implemented?

Thanks for any assistance."

Please help Glenn make even better and send him feedback!

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You Can't Go Wrong Today!

I'll be out and about tonight, so there will be few, if any posts. However, I do want to take the opportunity to remind you that today is Wrong-Way Corrigan Day, so celebrate appropriately. Clare celebrated by road-tripping to Michigan via the highway that takes you to Wisconsin. In the immortal words of Pee-Wee, she "meant to do that." :-)

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Wow - Dad, check out the Hubble Heritage Image Gallery! [via MetaFilter]

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