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 Tuesday, September 09, 2003

RIAA Lands a Big One - in the Face

RIAA Sues 12-Year Old Girl

"tcp100 noted an article running at fox about The RIAA suing a 12 Year Old girl: ' 'I got really scared. My stomach is all turning,' Brianna said last night at the city Housing Authority apartment where she lives with her mom and her 9-year-old brother.' " [Slashdot]

And she's an honors student, too. Yeah, that's exactly the kind of big fish the RIAA needs to fry in order to save their business model. Brianna and her family have already settled the suit for $2,000, which means Brianna probably won't be buying any CDs either. Good job, RIAA!

Yes, what Brianna did was illegal, but she sure didn't make any money from it. If the RIAA will go after 12-year olds, do you doubt that they'll go after libraries in order to save their precious business model? Maybe not lawsuits, but they'll do whatever they need to in order to close digital loopholes that let us circulate digital files.

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And You Think You Need Glasses Now!

Is That a Newspaper on Your Cell Phone?

"Articles now confined to books, magazines, and similar print media will appear on phones and handhelds as wireless telecommunications proliferate--but it won't happen quickly or easily.

That was the overall message from a 'Wireless World' panel discussion, part of the Seybold Seminars conference here this week. The conference covers all aspects of print and electronic publishing, including content creation, management, and delivery.

While mobile phones now outnumber conventional phones--1.3 billion cell phones are in use worldwide versus 1.1 billion wired lines--paper remains king for distributing information, noted panel moderator Paul Ziek, a product manager for Savant Services....

But Vin Crosbie, managing partner for Digital Deliverance, said sharing content digitally will gain popularity because it is convenient.

'By the end of the decade, you're going to see electronic books, papers, and magazines,' he said." []

Of course, that assumes sharing content digitally is indeed convenient. You don't even see ebooks outside of cell phones!

Ebooks by the end of the decade if the publishers wake up and clue in tomorrow. Longer if they keep playing games, avoiding standards, and ignoring customer demands.

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Chatting with Feedster

Search Feedster via IM

"Feature #1 : The FeedBot or "Daddy do I have to use a web browser? No son": Feedster the grandaddy of blog search engines is releasing 30 new features in the 30 days, and the first one is pretty slick: you can search via IM. On Messenger, add as a buddy, and send it a message like "search gadgetopia." Results come back instantly." [Gadgetopia]

This will be a most interesting 30 days, as Feedster just keeps getting better and better. I'm finding instant messaging more and more useful each day as well, especially as new functionality is added via third parties. Remember that Sprint just added AIM capability for PCS phones, so you (and your patrons, especially the younger ones) will be able to do these kinds of things anywhere from a cell phone.

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I'm So Shocked Drops E-books--as Amazon Revs Up

"B&N has stopped selling e-books--perhaps fearing's full-text searching feature and other new attractions. Too, as Jay Hartman of noted on the eBook Community list, B&N's prices didn't stack up well enough against rivals'....

It will be interesting to see what happens to e-book prices once Amazon really gets cranked up. Will Amazon exert pressure on publishers to be more realistic? And what will this mean to the smaller e-book sites? Let's hope they can hang in there.

Meanwhile, what fate awaits Palm Digital Media? The possible Amazon moves discussed above would not be the best news for the proprietary-format bookstores like PDM's. Last time I looked, I happened to see just two logos on Amazon's page for e-Books & Docs--Microsoft's and Adobe's, with the fomrer appearing above the latter. Wonder where PDM will fit in Amazon's grand plans? Nowhere? As B&N discovered, PalmDigitalMedia is too big to ignore, but then a turbocharged e-book operation at Amazon just might cut PDM down to size. Time for PDM to be more open-minded about a Universal Consumer Format?" [TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home]

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What Color Is the Sky in Your Aggregator?

Weather Forecast Chicago, Chicago Midway Airport, Illinois, United States. Updated: 0630 PM CDT TUE SEP 09 2003

"Overnight...Partly cloudy with winds from the east at 8 mph. Starting to mist winds variable in direction at 3 mph.

Morning...Mist winds variable in direction at 3 mph. Turning partly cloudy with winds from the southeast at 8 mph.

Afternoon...Partly cloudy with winds from the southeast at 8 mph.

Evening...Partly cloudy with winds from the east at 12 mph.

Overnight...Partly cloudy with winds from the east at 12 mph." [, via Lockergnome's RSS Resource]

This is an excellent start - you can now get global weather conditions and forecasts in your aggregator! Only one thing is missing... the temperature in the forecast. Updated forecasts every five hours, which seems about right to me.

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Request for Help

If your organization has used, is using, investigated, or has any opinions about IntraLearn's software, can you please drop me a line? Thanks!

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