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 Monday, September 29, 2003

Lifes Unanswered Reference Questions

"Lee Hadden writes: 'If you are interested in Reference Services, be glad you don't routinely get questions like these. Try these (for fun) Life's Unanswered Reference Questions:' " []

Posted for my compadres at work so that someone will print them out for discussion at lunch tomorrow!

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Another Way to Find Indie Music

Get Your Mix On

"My Mixtapes is a site for users of emusic. Members can post album reviews, create mixtapes, and compile thematic lists of albums, all with direct links to the songs or albums so that subscribers to the mp3 service can download directly 'via' my mixtapes." [MetaFilter]

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A Million Orders of Magnidudes


"Early this year, in a conversation with Ev, I said I believed that in reality there might be as few as maybe thirty or forty thousand active blogs. He disagreed. And he was right. Dave Sifry just announced that Technorati has gone past one million blogs watched, and that a new blog is being created about every twelve seconds. Amazing." [The Doc Searls Weblog]

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Two Blogs from the Chicago Ridge Public Library!

Today I had occasion to go to the Chicago Ridge Public Library's web site today, where I found a pleasant surprise. They're one of my member libraries at SLS, so I am particularly happy to note that they now have two blogs! Reading Lines appears to be links about books in general, and the Teen Café Blog highlights "news and books for the teens of Chicago Ridge Public Library." They've been doing this since June!

Go go CRPL!

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SLA Presentation Now Available Online

Just a note to anyone reading this who attended my presentation about blogging at last week's SLA conference in Michigan - it's now available at Questions, comments? Drop me a line!

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