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 Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Liz Goes Beyond Blogging

I haven't been blogging much because I just found a wireless hot spot (albeit for $8.95 a day), but now Liz Lawley is speaking and I'm happy to say that she is just as interesting in person as she is on her blog. Her topic now is "Beyond Blogging: Where Next with Blogs and Blogging."

Liz is on a campaign to stop using the word "blog" because she thinks it's an ugly word, so she's gone back to using the term "weblog." This, of course, contrasts with Terry Huwe's comment in the current issue of Computers in Libraries that anything called "blogging" has to be a little fun (sorry it's not available online). At this morning's keynote, the panel referred to F. Scott Fitzgerald's quote about being able to keep two contradictory thoughts at the same time, so now I feel like I've come full circle for the day.

"How many of you with you could Google your office? I can Google my brain (via her blog)."

"Bloggers are not a unified community, nor are blogs a unified commodity."

"The term "weblog" will become meaningless because the software can be used so differently and for different purposes. Just because something is called a "book" doesn't mean it's like every other book. We need to start thinking of this as a medium."

"Blogs aren't really on a topic anymore than people are. In the long term, categorization isn't going to get us what I want because you can't categorize blogs, but microcontent (like the Internet Topic Exchange) will."

Liz doesn't use an aggregator for reading blogs because she likes the visual interface of blogs. She likes the binding and feel of books, she likes the native view of blogs.

Liz showed All Consuming and noted that can buy the book or find who's been writing about it. It's too bad she couldn't say you could see if your library owns the book.

Liz is highlighting the community aspect of blogs, especially via comments. Personally, I think it's too bad that libraries don't understand this and always turn off comments. She's also bravely explaining trackback. I say "bravely" because it's already been a long day with four other programs about blogging (yay - a blogging track at a librarian conference!), so I know a lot of those folks are already on overload. I'm still glad she's mentioning it, though, and hey, she is discussing the risks.

Oooh - she said "wiki!" Oooh - and it's the Atom wiki! Daring, daring, brave Miss Liz! You'll be answering all dem questions about wikis now. :-)  "Ego can be a real barrier to collaborative development." Liz says, "Wikis scare librarians. A lot." Heh.

Ha - she just created a page on the Atom wiki called "GuidetoSite and she's building a page. "This is both terrifying and exhilerating to people who deal with information. I'm still not sure which side I come down on."

How do we generate content collectively at the same time? Liz started her blog last year after she read Dan Gillmor's site as he was posting them to his blog. He included notes and links that made her re-think her interpretation of the sessions.

The first question after Liz's presentation is about security and password-protecting blogs. I feel very confident in saying that this is the first question asked after every blog presentation at a library conference. We are sooooo paranoid. The second question is about building community, especially as noted in Liz's class. Now we're getting somewhere.

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Blogging Internet Librarian

This is the first librarian conference I've been to that is this meta! Liz Lawley is blogging, Steven M. Cohen is blogging, and Aaron is photoblogging. Kind of all at the same time. Greg Notess is on stage showing how to find the various IL blog posts using Daypop, Feedster, etc. He's making his point nicely.... ;-)

BTW, here's shifted - Aaron is instant messaging me via his cell phone... while he's sitting next to me photoblogging!

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WiFi Me, Baby!

Whoo-hoo! I'm on the third floor of the convention center with wi-fi! Here, aggregator, aggregator, aggregator. I'm also briefly on Trillian if you want to catch up. :-)

In other news, though, I'm thrilled to hear that library hotspots are now listed in JIwire. If you use the Power Search, you can view a list of library hotspots (up to 100 of them, anyway). Hey Austin Public Library - $19.95 per month to play????

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