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 Tuesday, November 25, 2003

More Interesting Statistics from My Aggregator

  • Legal Music Downloads Double
    "Digital music download services are exploding, with the number of U.S. consumers downloading tracks doubling in the first half of 2003.

    Ownership of MP3 players such as Apple Computer's market leading IPod is also climbing: 19 percent of U.S. music downloaders own such devices--up from 12 percent in December 2002....

    Report author Matt Kleinschmit observed: 'A twofold increase in the number of American downloaders exposed to for-pay music downloads in just a six-month time frame (compared to 8 percent in December 2002 and 13 percent in April 2003) signals a remarkable shift in downloader behavior.'...

    On the increased market-share for MP3 players, Kleinschmit said: 'The rise in portable MP3 player ownership among U.S. downloaders, coupled with the growth in paid downloading, suggests that digital music enthusiasts may be shifting their overall music acquisition and listening behaviors from a physical to a digital approach.' " [PC World]

  • "Interesting factoid in David Brooks' NY Times column today: '[A leading] demographer projects that in the year 2050 the median age in the United States will be 35.' " [JD's New Media Musings]
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