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 Monday, December 01, 2003

Another Niche Filled in Libraryland

And speaking of library-related blogs, New Library Career Blog Available!

"Sarah and Rachel writes 'Sarah and Rachel (the Library Job People) announce the creation of a brand new site, Beyond the Job, a career development blog for information professionals. Find calls for contributors, job search advice, articles on the profession, scholarships and grants, conference info, and more! Got ideas to submit? Send them in. RSS feed available for all those aggregator folks out there. Thanks to Steven of Library Stuff for suggesting such a thing in one of his recent posts.' " []

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The Start of Library Conference Blogs?

InfoToday Blog

"Information Today, Inc. editors will be blogging the news and events live from Online Information 2003 in London. Bookmark this site and hear about all of the show action directly from the information industry's leading editors." [via Peter Scott's Library Blog]

Excellent - library conferences finally start to catch up! And InfoToday is smart enough to give the blog its own domain name. We're still missing the collaborative, aggregate library conference blog, but we're getting there. Unfortunately, that won't really happen until we get open WiFi at these conferences. At the Internet Librarian conference, Liz Lawley noted the lack of open notebook computers in the audience. I did, too, but I chalked this up in part to the lack of wireless. No need for me to lug around a disconnected brick. So wil InfoToday and/or their conference sponsors figure this out and distinguish their conferences from other library-related ones?

Suggestion: use LISFeeds to create an feed for the site so that we RSS bigots can follow the blog!

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