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 Saturday, March 13, 2004

Heard at the CIL Conference

"It's obvious. We have to do wireless at Internet Librarian." - Bill Spence (presumably this means at all future InfoToday conferences, too!)

"We're in a room full of Lisa Simpsons, but the world is full of Barts." - Stephen Abrams (approximate quote)

"We'll [meanint InfoToday] have RSS feeds soon." - Bill Spence

"The deck is stacked against students when they walk into the library. It's like winning at slots if they actually find what they want." - Jeff Wisniewski

"Students don't come to our site to learn. We built it, they came, they got confused, and they left." - Jeff Wisniewski

"I'd like to see a library dump the $20,000 virtual reference software and just get an AIM screen name." - Michael Stephens (approximate quote)

"The future is bright for complexity." - David Seuss

"As somone who has recently landscaped his house, I can officially say that storage is cheaper than dirt." - Roy Tennant

"If you put 1,000 options on my home page, are you really helping me?" - Mary Lee Kennedy

"85% of kids under age 25 have an IM account, usually more than one. They're having conversations on the web. When they get into the workforce, they are not going to want to get letters from their librarians." - Stephen Abrams

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