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 Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Helping RSS Newbies Find Relevant Feeds

Ultimate Feed List?

"I got an e-mail from a teacher yesterday asking for some tips on where to find appropriate RSS feeds for K-12 teachers to use in their classes, and he said he'd had little luck finding a site that collated them all together. I hadn't really poked around very much on this, but I think between the feeds from Moreover, (which actually has a feed on 'firearms industry news'), coupled with the even more refined Moreover feeds you can find at Syndic8, and those listed at Weblogs compendium, there's certainly enough to get started. But even in these three there are a lot of newspaper feeds that aren't listed. My big question is whether or not there's an "Ultimate Feed List" that's collecting all of these into one place..." [Weblogg-ed News]

I don't know of an ultimate feed list, other than finding someone with a similar need and hoping they already have a subscription list you can steal.

This is why I'd like to see a concerted effort - in the library community at the very least - to provide either an aggregator with pre-populated feeds or opml files of feeds by type of library or interest. Get the K-8 teachers to list their favorite sites and provide the feeds in an opml file that a new user can import in order to get started. Same thing for 9-12, reference librarians, academic librarians (even better, by specialty!), medical librarians, law librarians, technology librarians, etc.

Hmmm... maybe I'll have to set up a wiki for this, too, and then I could point users at it when I give presentations about RSS.

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Come On By

Wednesday night is the big blogger dinner here in Chicago. I plan to spend most of the dinner at Ben Pao (7:15 pm, be there or be square) basking in the conversation of:

Rick's got every detail and the reservation, so please let him know if you are coming.

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