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 Tuesday, April 27, 2004

IM Should Be One of Top Strategic Technologies for Public Libraries for 2005

IM One of Top Strategic Technologies for 2005

"IM is among the top strategic technologies for 2005 selected by Gartner.

Given the popularity of instant messaging, enterprises who want to keep employees happy and more productive will need to set policies for the use of instant messaging. In the future IM will be more integrated into applications, rather than an island of online dialog that vapourises when the window is closed. (via Dan Farber ZDNet Australia)" [Smart Mobs]

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Essential in Libraries?

SMS an Essential Communication Tool

"The Mobile Data Association (MDA) reports that 2.1 billion text messages were sent in March 2004 in the U.K which is a 25% rise on the total from the same month last year.At present, on average, around 69 million text messages are sent each day in the UK.This article from the BBC states.'It is evident that in the last five years texting has grown from a popular craze among teenagers to an essential communication tool.'
Text messaging reaches new high" [Smart Mobs]

Don't you love reading cereal boxes? I still do. I just read the new campaign on the Reese's Puffs box. It's called "Text Talk with Reese's Puffs."

"Put txt skills 2 the test
How good are you at text messaging? Find out by decoding each screen message. Then, figure out what computers are talking to each other.

Name each symbol face in cyberspace
Can you guess what each face symbol in cyberspace means?
(Hint: It's easier to guess when you turn the face upright).

Connect with your friends
Now that you're online with the coolest ways to cyber chat, see how many of these text messages and symbols you can send in one email to a friend."

Punchline: no Reese's URL anywhere on the box, and it looks like General Mills doesn't even have one just for this cereal!

I'd love to see the research that convinced them to put a text talk quiz on the back of the box.

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Help LII - Fill Out their Survey!

LII Launches Annual User Survey

"An Anonymous Patron writes '(Please forward to relevant lists and blogs.) Attention all users of Librarians' Index to the Internet, : We hope you can set aside a few minutes to take our short, ten-question annual user survey.

To take our survey, follow this link:

If you run into technical problems with the survey, e-mail  Responses are due by midnight (Pacific Time), Friday, May 14. Thank you in advance for your valuable input! Karen G. Schneider Director, Librarians' Index to the Internet.' " []

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A Mash-up of My Life!

18 Months of Phone Cam Photos


"With the help of a special query to the hiptop Nation database, I was able to back up over 18 months of moblog posts and phone cam photos to my local hard drive by simply loading everything into a single Netscape window and saving the page....

With all the photos on my local hard drive, I was able to dump them into my iView image catalog utility to create a big thumbnail sheet. You can see the 1200 x 5500 pixel, 1.2 mb image in a pop-up window by clicking on the image above.

Rendered this way, my reaction was that 1715 images didn't look like a lot. Later this year, I'd like to pump another back up of these images into a photomosaic program to generate some Rob Silvers-style artwork." [curiousLee, PubSub: "treo 600"]

Too way cool! I hope TextAmerica picks up on this, lets me create a thumbnail view of pictures on my moblog, and then offers a way for me to print it as a poster, especially incorporating the mosaic idea.

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