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 Sunday, May 02, 2004

Kate: Trivia on Your Next Plane Ride!

Dishing Song's In-Flight DISH Network

"Gizmodo reader Aaron Feibus shares his experiences with Song's in-flight TV system:

'I took a red-eye flight from LA to Orlando last night on Song on a Boeing 757. Although I'd flown them before, this was the first time they had their long-promised TV system installed in the seats. The channel selection is pretty good and provided by the Dish Network, but there's more to than just television.

The screens are touch sensitive allowing you to choose from regular stations, pay-per-view movies, a GPS map of your flight, or my favorite 'Music Trivia.' Music trivia is set up exactly like the trivia games that are so popular at bars. A question appears and immediately the score for the correct answer starts to drop 50 points at a time. After each question, it shows the rankings of all players logged in, their name, and what seat they are sitting in." [Gizmodo]

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RSS and Library Web Chic

Will RSS Readers Clog the Web?

" 'Sure, news aggregators are handy tools, making Web surfing a breeze. But the programs are greedy little buggers that swamp websites with unwanted traffic. Something has to change, and soon.' [Wired News]

This is a fascinating news article at Wired about how newsreader traffic is transforming the web and eating up bandwidth....

However, I don't think that this is a reason not to use RSS. According to the article one of the reasons that RSS newsreaders are swamping the web is the way in which they are designed. So the programs need to get better. In addition, we as web managers have to pay attention to our site traffic if we put on an RSS feed. We have to consider traffic that news aggregators place on a site if we are starting a site that uses RSS and looking for host." [Library Web Chic]

Two points in posting this: 1) I'm concerned about this issue, too, and yes I hope the smart programmers figure this one out - read the whole Wired article, and 2) how did I miss Karen Coombs starting a blog? Go check out Library Web Chic now. RSS feed here. ;-)

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The mBoom

"That far off rumbling sound you've been hearing for the past few months? That was the new telecommunications boom starting....

The important point to make from these numbers is not the total handsets (there were similar numbers of phones sold last year) but the *type* of handsets. For the last six months or so, a vast majority of those phones shipped are color, Java-enabled, MMS-enabled, data-capable phones. In the next quarter coming up, a good chunk of the phones are going to be MIDP 2.0/WAP 2.0 phones, if not all of them. By the end of the year, almost 600 million new phones will be sold and all will be capable of mobile data services and applications. 150+ million will be camera phones, and a good percentage will be advanced smart phones too....

And not only are the handsets arriving in vast numbers, data services have arrived as well.... The time many of us have been waiting for since the end of the Internet Boom in 2000 is here.

It's the mBoom! Get ready..." [Russell Beattie Notebook]

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