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 Tuesday, May 18, 2004

How I'm Using MT

Like others, I'm responding to Mena Trott's request to know How Are You Using the Tool?

Personally, I only have one blog on MT, and it was for a family reunion. I'm not actively maintaining it anymore, but it would have had at least four authors, more over time.

At work, though, SLS itself is running five blogs, none of which has more than three authors.

I've also got eight or nine libraries using the software. Each one has its own installation with multiple authors (I don't track how many since they are in control of their own instances of MT) and however many blogs they wanted within their installation. In fact, one library has converted its entire site to MT blogs (including a staff-exchange-intranet-kind-of-blog), while another one is doing some innovative work to display the RSS back on their own site. We don't charge any of these libraries to install the software or for their use of it, and I don't know that they would pay us for this service given the current budget climate. In every case, we're hosting the software for them because they don't have the resources to host them in-house, although one particular library's use hinges more on the IT staff's refusal to install the software for them.

So technically, I'm not supposed to reply to Mena's post because free is an issue for my organization and my libraries, but I'm doing it anyway because I do want them to take the needs and special circumstances of libraries into consideration in their future decision-making process.

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When It Rains, It Pours RSS!

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