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 Thursday, May 20, 2004

Here's One for Your Library's Kids' Page!

Watch Out, Boogers

"Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy! Every time I sit down to peruse MeFi I hear "there goes daddy on the blue again." Once they realized that some of their favorite flash sites came from the blue they wanted daddy to put up their favorite. Well here it is, my boys present to you Captain Underpants' battle with the Bionic Booger Boy, a gross interpretation of Galaxian. If you have young boys, check out the author's site and his books. Dave Pilkey has written a slew of incredibly funny and readable books for young kids, especially young boys." [MetaFilter]

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To Be Added to the Blogging Presentation

Technorati: Charting Blogdom's Rise

"Sifry mentioned that Technorati started out on Thanksgiving weekend 2002 as an effort to find out "who was talking about me" in the blogosphere. Since then, it has begun charting an increasing number of blogs -- an average of:

- 3,000 a day in January 2003
- 4,000 a day by that March
- 6,000 a day by June 2003
- 8,000-9,000 new blogs a day by September 2003
- 10,000 at the end of 2003
- 11,000 to 12,000 new blogs a day today.

That's pretty incredible, and it adds up to 2.4 million total blogs that Technorati is monitoring. Not all are active. Of that number, about 45 percent have not been updated in the past three months. And he points out that 2.4 million blogs does not equate to 2.4 million bloggers, because many bloggers have multiple blogs." [JD's New Media Musings]

It would be interesting to know how many of those are by librarians and how many are for libraries.

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Will Blog for Gmail Account

I'll Swap Ya! GMAIL Please


Library folk -- have an extra gmail account laying around to offer? Check out my swap post at [Tame the Web]

Michael is trying to get a Gmail account, I think to be able to show it when he does patron training. Can anyone help him out? The swap site is just too funny! Does Google know good promotions or what.

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Wireless Laptops Popular at Taylor!

Steve Oberg, Electronic Resources Librarian & Assistant Professor at Taylor University, posted the following statistics to the WEB4LIB mailing list today.

"Taylor University's Zondervan Library serves a mostly undergraduate student population of about 1,700. We have four wireless-enabled laptops available for checkout for general purpose uses including web browsing and library research. Our spring term is ending and out of curiosity I decided to tally up the circulation stats for them. It seemed by my observation that they were quite heavily used, in spite of the fact that we also have a large computer lab and several thin client workstations, but I wanted to know specifics.

I found out that for the spring term (about 90 days in length), three out of the four laptops averaged close to 170 checkouts each. The fourth laptop was out of commission for most of the time. The total number of circulations for all of them was just under 500. I'm a mathematical ignoramus but I think that averages out to about 5 1/2 circulations per day."

Lesson for all types of libraries: those kids are going to get out into the real world (public libraries) and the work force (special libraries) and their kids (school libraries) are going to expect wireless access. And that's not even counting today's adults that are already sitting at Panera every morning, surfing while sipping.

And they're all getting used to access information anywhere on portable devices.

They are coming... to your library....

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Click with Your Legislators!

Barb Brattin, Reference Manager at the Warren Newport Public Library, came up with a great way to promote our statewide reference portal, Illinois Clicks!

"One of our top service responses at Warren Newport Public Library is information literacy, so offering a program on Illinois Clicks was a natural fit. As I was surfing through the site gathering examples of great links in every category, I thought of a little exercise to get some attention for Illinois Clicks via the program participants.

After a general overview of what Illinois Clicks is and how to navigate through the site, we visited two pre-selected links in each category. The last category we visited was Law and Government. By this time, the crowd was mesmerized by the amount and quality of information available through Illinois Clicks. So, opportunist that I am, I made good use of their enthusiasm by presenting each of them with an Illinois Clicks postcard (available through Fran, in case you haven't seen them). We then visited the Legislator Lookup link within the Law and Government site, and as they looked up their legislator's name and address, I asked them to use the postcard to tell their legislators what a fine project they have in Illinois Clicks and how they ought to continue funding the project. They were delighted to fill out the postcards and their messages were inspiring. I collected the postcards and sent them out this morning.

One of the participants then presented an idea which I think is particularly noteworthy. Why not place a link from every library's home page with messages of support for libraries already written out (like the Illinois Clicks postcard). Library supporters could simply send those messages on to their legislators electronically. People are very happy to express their support for the work we do to legislators. The link would make it easy.

Food for thought."

Food for thought for your own library, too!

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Blog Breakdown and New PLA ePub on Blogging!

Check out this great Blog Software Breakdown! I will definitely be looking at this closely as I examine our options at SLS.

In other news, the Public Library Association (PLA) has posted an ePublication about weblogs written by none other than our very own Steven M. Cohen! I just know Steven will have them blogging with RSS feeds soon! Go, PLA!

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The True Promise of Blogging - EVERY Voice Can Be Heard

Coming: A Blind Librarian Hears Yahoo

"Later today or tomorrow we'll be updating you on the neat things that David Faucheux is up to with Blind Chance, his audio blog. Coming very soon in Blind Chance: Discussion of Yahoo's accessibilty to people relying on speech synthesizers.

Related: Blind Chance Blog launches, an item in DTBdaily, a blog devoted to digital talking books. DTBdaily praises David as "a fascinating and well-read librarian." [TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home]

Fascinating stuff that shows just how wide open publishing truly is now thanks to blogging. David even has an RSS feed.

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Good Luck Finding that Needle

Storage Cost Predictions

"Peter Van Dijck predicts the future of cost of data storage: $10 a month for 15 petabytes (15,000,000 Gigs) of storage.

Storage space is getting cheaper. For investing US$10 a month, you'll have accumulated 15 petabytes of storage space by 2020.

Assuming you invest $10 a month in storage and start buying this year, buying additional space every year, you'll accumulate 120 Gigs of storage space this year (2004). Enough for about 10 hours of quality video uncompressed from my camera. Not much, really.

By 2010, you'll have accumulated 15 terabytes (15,000 Gigs) of storage space. Enough for 1250 hours (52 days) of video.

By 2020, you'll have reached 15 petabytes of storage space - 15,000,000 Gigs. Enough for 142 years of 24 hour video. (via JOHO The Blog)" [J-Walk Blog]

On the other hand, my boss would tell you that I could easily fill 15 terabytes on our LAN all on my own....

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We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Yikes - note to self: check your own site more often to make sure it's publishing what you're writing! Sorry about that.

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