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 Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Does anyone know of an e-card service that provides a card for eBay condolences (sorry you lost out on your auction)? It seems so obvious....

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Bloglines : RSS as Blogger : Blogging

IE's Failings Point Way to RSS 

"Opinion: When Microsoft abandoned Internet Explorer development to concentrate on fixing the browser's security vulnerabilities, it opened the door to the emerging RSS revolution. ....

Pluck's Trojan horse strategy underlines the profoundly disruptive nature of the RSS transformation. The synchronization genie, once out of the bottle, will act as an accelerant for RSS client market share as a percentage of overall browser usage. At some point, perhaps as early as Inauguration Day, IE—and the Web—will be subsumed by the RSS platform. " [eWeek, via Scripting News]

One of the major catalysts of the RSS revolution was the introduction of Bloglines. Free and web-based, it's far and away the best choice for newbies, and it's easy to center a class or tutorial around it. What innovations will we see in the next six months that will be the next great leap? And will your library be able to participate in the revolution?

I am happy to report that my home library will be. More when I can show it!

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Libraries Have Nothing to Fear [about RSS] but Fear Itself

Fear of RSS

"However, whether or not to use RSS on your site should no longer be an option. I believe it has become a necessity if you wish to compete with others in your industry....

For many users today, bookmarks have become useless since we have too many of them. Bookmarks allow for information overload just as easily as RSS does, but the difference is that RSS allows updates through all that information overload. A bookmark gets hidden, but if you update your site then the RSS feed will reflect that and tell the reader its time to view the content....

With the plethora of sites around fighting for the mindshare of your readers becomes essential. Why lessen your chances by not including a RSS feed? That opens the gates for everyone else to increase their readership. RSS feeds create more opportunities and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages." [BusinessLogs, via]

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Clear Out Your Garage and Basement!

Office Depot Begins Electronic Recycling Program

"Office Depot offers to recycle electronics for free: This is a Very Good Thing. I'm not an Earth-muffin or anything, but old electronics do some really crappy things to the environment.

Don't be so quick to toss out your old PCs, fax machines or digital cameras — office supply retailer Office Depot is offering to recycle one electronic product a day for free all through the summer, according to a published report Tuesday. [...]

The offer includes all brands of electronics, and products including computer monitors, digital cameras, copiers, fax machines, cellphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and TVs that are 27 inches or smaller, the report said.

'One product a day' means one product per person per day." [Gadgetopia]

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Sweet Thirty-Six

"Sixteen Candles" Adds 20 More to the Cake

"Alas, convergent friends, we are aging. That seminal movie of the 1980s, "Sixteen Candles," is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. To honor the John Hughes classic, AMC is airing it at 8 tonight, followed by an episode of its behind-the-scenes series, "Backstory" in which they'll talk with stars Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. Truly, for those of us in and around the high school class of 1986, this is as TiVo-worthy as it gets." [Lost Remote]

I happened to catch part of the movie tonight (wish I'd known about the special afterwords - damn my late reading of my aggregator!), and I laughed pretty hard when one of Farmer Ted's geek friends says, "I'll bet you a dozen floppy disks you don't even get a kiss." Which, of course, is followed up for a request for a video as proof, which Anthony Michael Hall rejects because it would get duped "like a hundred times" and show up everywhere. Ah, the days before P2P and the internet....

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How Can We Help Patrons with their Notebooks?

Weblogs and Wikis as Work Arounds

"The Internet really has become my notebook in a big way. Used to be a pretty much just a research tool, but now it's the warehousing and organizing tool as well. I can almost picture what a personal, interactive portal on the Internet might look and feel like...almost. Tom quotes Tim Berners-Lee whose original vision for the Internet was 'to connect every person to every other person.' We're getting there..." [Weblogg-ed News]

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Nominate Your Favorite Tools for Steven's Column

Steven M. Cohen is asking for suggestions for a column about favorite new tools of the past year.

"What were your favorite/useful web tools that you have utilized in the past year or so (Say from June 2003 to the present)? I'm not just talking about web resources (although those certainly count) but tools, software, etc. For example, I'm definitely going to mention Bug Me Not, which I immediately started using when I came across it. Think of those online tools that you use everyday and that, if taken away, would make you sad. Those are the ones that I am looking for.

So, if you have a resource that you think should be mentioned, send me a note at stevenmcohen [at] or use the contact form. Please make sure to include the following: Name, library, position, the resource, and why you think it is useful." [Library Stuff]

I've been meaning to write a post about some of my favorite time-saving tools because I see a lot of people around me that could benefit from using them. One of these days I'll get around to doing this in more detail, but a shortlist of titles (that aren't necessarily new) would include ActiveWords, LookOut, a tabbed browser (I'm currently using MyIE2, but I've installed FireFox in multiple places and just need some time to play with it), Dave's Quick Search Toolbar, and (of course) a Treo 600.  :-)

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