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 Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My Yahoo Takes RSS Another Step Towards the Mainstream

Introducing the All-New My Yahoo!

"You still get all your favorite Yahoo! services like Mail, Movies, Maps, Photos, Stocks and Sports. Now you can mix in cool stuff from around the Web - Craigslist, BBC, CNet, plus blogs like Boing Boing, Defamer, Instapundit and thousands more. Unlimited choice - nice alternative to boredom, isn't it?

Whatever your interests, it's easy to track down what you want and feed it into your page. Look for specific sites or type in a topic. Global news. Gadget reviews. Travel logs. Baby blogs. It's all out there. We've made it easy to find and pull on in.

Found something you like? Great. Preview it, and if you like it, just click 'Add.' Presto! It's yours! Refreshed and updated whenever you look. One click, no hassle. Shouldn't life be that simple?"

And on the side of the page:

"My Yahoo! now supports the various flavors of RSS and Atom, allowing you to add virtually anything to your page. Choose from thousands of sites that syndicate content."

While I don't think My Yahoo scales well as an aggregator when you read 250 feeds like I do, I will definitely be introducing RSS to my neighbors this way (without using the term "RSS"). I'll just surreptiously add some sites to their existing My Yahoo pages and then discuss it in a few weeks. In fact, this is possibly the only way to pull the Chicago Tribune into an aggregator, although it still doesn't help with my local paper.

Jeremy Zawodny has more on this new development, but I hope you understand why it's becoming more and more important for your library to have an RSS/Atom feed.

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