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* Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Great RSS Quotes from My Aggregator

  • RSS: a Shift, from What?
    "He also neatly sort of answers his own question - with greater precision than I can ever muster - by saying: 'If I visit houses of content, as I seem to do on the Web, that is very different than the content as “visitor” to my house.'... What we’re seeing is the creation of personalised information hypermarkets.... Over time, you develop a rich cocktail of sources and you develop a new habit for browsing information. Some things you look at hourly, some daily, and some you deliberately save till Friday pm for a catch up. This is light years away from sitting down at the table in the morning looking at your paper, or even your paper’s website.”
  • RSS and Blog Directories
    "Inspired by The Media Drop's list of newspaper RSS feeds, I thought I'd compile a list of RSS directories. Enjoy and spread the link."
  • Newsmap as a Model for Smart Aggregation
    "Information overload. It’s the next big issue in publishing, and technology in general. The day you have 400 e-mails in your inbox, 900 new items in your RSS aggregator, and 8 Instant Messenger windows on your screen will come. For some people, it’s already here.... The key to our information gathering lives is all about smart aggregation. The days of media companies deciding what’s on your 'front page' are numbered. Within five years, I believe customizable newsreader technology (whether client-side like Net News Wire, or server-side like Bloglines), will be as prevalent as the web is right now."
  • 500 down, 3061 to go
    "At the beginning of this week I had 310 feeds showing around 25,000 unread posts. I had toyed with the idea of declaring RSS bankruptcy and just starting again, but I was getting increasingly unhappy with chaotic state of my feeds and deep down I knew that hitting 'mark all posts read' would do nothing to solve the problem in the long run."
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