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* Thursday, February 3, 2005


I’m having a great time at the Ontario Library Association SuperConference in Toronto, despite the fact that I might be getting a cold. And let me tell you, they’re not exaggerating when they call it a “superconference.” I can’t believe anyone came to either of my presentations today given some of the other sessions I was up against. You’d have to clone yourself several times over to go to all of the good stuff!

Highlights today include:

  • the many light bulbs going on over the heads of attendees;
  • lunch with Stephen Abram, Jane Dysart, Rebecca Jones, and Darlene Fichter;
  • finally seeing a demo of Sirsi’s RSS!

The money pic:

Picture of the XML button in the catalog!

It works, but I couldn’t really do any testing because that component isn’t finished yet. It was still thrilling to see it at all!

Darlene told me about a great analogy she used in her RSS session today; hopefully it will find its way online so I can point to it.

Also, I’ve decided that Stephen Abram is the library world’s Jeff Jarvis. He “gets” everything - the whole enchilada – and he’s incredibly good at articulating it! When Stephen talks, you’d better listen!

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