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* Friday, March 4, 2005

Moving Past GormanGate

Indulge me for a moment while I play catch-up and note that I, too, have added the “Blog Person” button to the right-hand column on my web site, right above the “RSS bigot” one. I note this mainly because some folks have wondered where it should link to, and I’ve chosen to point to a Technorati search for “michael gorman bloggers.”

Lots of people sent me links to the controversy while I was out sick (thanks!), and others have asked for my opinion on the whole thing. I think you know where I stand, and I don’t really have anything to add that is more complex or eloquent than what has already been written. I don’t think Gorman should resign, but I do worry that he has alienated a large contingent of people who could have helped both him and ALA in general. My biggest fear, though, is that he doesn’t even realize this (kind of like another president we all know), which doesn’t bode well for the coming year.

However, I’m not writing this to re-hash the debate. Instead, I think it’s time to move past GormanGate and look to the future, let bygones be bygones, and maybe even make a little money. You see, I think we’ll probably see many more Gorman editorials as he becomes the official President of ALA. Therefore, I think we should kill two birds with one stone and start a pool to guess what his next topic will be. This will allow us to prepare for the worst, while also providing financial gain for the correct prognosticators.

Of course, this won’t be easy, as there are so many different possibilities. I’m having a difficult time choosing just one:

  • No serious conversation has ever occurred over instant messaging. Academic thoughts written as text should be read sequentially, providing a reflection period for each and every sentence in order to understand its full significance.
  • No serious music has ever been listened to as an MP3. I doubt that these digital music downloaders have ever listened to an entire album in order, let alone a symphony. Don’t even get me started on MP3 audiobooks, girlfriend!
  • No serious information has ever been transmitted over a cell phone conversation. To be properly savored, like fine wine, conversation must take place sequentially and in person. Otherwise, meaning and context will be completely lost to the listener, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the information being conveyed. Even the act of ordering a pizza requires close human interaction in order to demonstrate the urgency and complex nuances necessary to obtaining the best possible convergence of toppings and crust.

Add your best guess and place your bets!

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