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* Thursday, April 21, 2005

We Don't Serve Your Kind Here

Ryanair Bans Work Phone Charging

"Budget airline Ryanair has banned its staff from charging their phones at work, saying it is an inappropriate use of office time....

But a Ryanair spokeswoman said no-one had 'batted an eyelid' since the rule was introduced about two months ago.

She said the decision to ban the charging of phones was more related to work ethic than cost-cutting - though 'obviously there is a small saving'." [BBC News, via]

Regardless of whether anyone has "batted an eyelid" or not, this is a stupid policy that makes Ryanair sound like a stupid company headed by a clueless PHB.

And guess what? Your library sounds the same way if you tell patrons (of any age) that they can't IM from your library because that's not a valid use of your public computers. You're basically telling people that their choice of communication channel isn't allowed and that they should go elsewhere because you won't be serving them today.

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