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* Monday, October 17, 2005

Library Vendor RSS

John Law from ProQuest was kind enough to let me recycle his Powerpoint slides that show the screenshots of their forthcoming dynamic, keyword RSS feeds. He even included example screenshots of how these feeds could be used in an academic setting (luckily, it’s not much of a stretch to adapt the concepts to other types of libraries). You can view the slides here or here (PDFs). Both are presentations I did earlier this month, with the second being the short version of the [very long] first one. More on these soon.

These slides TOTALLY rock, and they truly help illustrate how big RSS is going to be for libraries. By the time we finally get more OPAC vendors on board (paging anyone other than Koha, Sirsi, Talis, and Innovative!), we’re going to see some truly wonderful things happen on and off library web sites.

And luckily, I don’t think it will be long before the domino effect starts happening with database vendors, either. I’ve already heard about a second one that’s going to announce keyword feeds later this year, so now everyone is playing catch-up to ProQuest’s visionary leadership.

Or at least, they should be.

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