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* Monday, October 24, 2005

20051024-04: Jessamyn on Social Software

new advent of web tools that is allowing us to be more social
for some of us, this is great, for others it isn’t
it’s not just about dating

I added something to Amazon that makes it a little bit more mine (not as much as I would like, but….)

“knowledge is born” when someone adds something to something else
think about what more we know because people can work together

showed Flickr
“it’s so easy every living member of my family can do it”

so what’s the big deal and why is this different than, etc.?
– tagging (describes “aboutness”)

tagging vs. classification

defined “folksonomy” = “grassroots community classification of digital assets”

then I talked

some things I’d like to add, because we didn’t really have time to discuss them during the only-45–minutes presentation:

libraries can indeed use Flickr:
– Gwinnett County Public Library – 
– LaGrange Park Public Library –
– Thomas Ford Memorial Library – (they’re redisplaying the images from Flickr on their home page)

and unfortunately, she didn’t really get to tell in depth her wonderful story about setting up her former library on Flickr and displaying the pictures on their web site via RSS

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