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* Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Taggytastic Library Catalog!

David Pattern just made my day year, and just under the wire, too.


"Inspired by Jenny Levine's mock up of an OPAC with keyword tags, I've gone a step further and used our Horizon database (the 'subject' table in particular) to generate a real page based on subject keywords with more than 10 bibs: " [Davey P's Weblog]

Now that's browsing the catalog! I can immediately tell which subjects the University of Huddersfield Library collects most in, and I'm one click away from viewing the subject headings. Suh-weet!

Of course, you can tell that these aren't user-generated tags because of subjects like "Art, Modern", "Europe, Eastern", and "Learning, Psychology of", but what a fabulous marriage of structured classification and the browsability of tag clouds. Excellent job, David; I'm adding a screenshot to tomorrow's presentation!

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