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* Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Abram-isms

A couple of weeks ago, Michael posted his list of Abram-isms from the CPL Scholars in Residence gig, in part because while listening to Stephen, we joked that we were going to start a random Abram-ism generator from a database of things the king has said.

So here are my additions for the database:

  • You can't ask great questions from a standing start.
  • We need coaches, rather than technicians; it's no longer a financial decision about buying computers, it's a financial decision about people.
  • We like email because we like to send letters faster than our grandparents.
  • It's an information ocean, not a highway.
  • And my personal favorite that Stephen ended his presentation with just for me: When librarians study something to death, we forget that death was not the original goal.
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