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* Friday, November 25, 2005

Blog on, CPL!

Gaming? In a Library? Don’t We Kick You Out for that?

“When I found out about this conference about gaming & learning - and bringing game-mediated learning into the library environment - I said to my branch head: If I can't go to this conference, I will just die.

Well, thanks to a lot of institutional support (from my branch, from my district chief, from my heroes in staff development, and, apparently, all the way up the chain of command) my death will be forestalled for a little while. Phew!” [Bezazian Rocks]

This is so awesome – Chicago Public Library blogger and colleagues will be attending the gaming in libraries symposium! By george, I think they’ve got it! Must go do a celebratory happy dance for CPL!

CPL Rocks!

BTW, if you’ve procrastinated registering for the symposium, you’d better hurry. We had to reduce the number of registrations in order to fit the gaming equipment in the back of the room, so there are only 21 registrations left!

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