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* Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Green Letter Day!

I've been wishing and hoping for this day, and now it is finally here! Announcing The Green Kangaroo, a new blog by Mary Ghikas, Senior Associate Executive Director at the American Library Association.

Why a Green Kangaroo?

"My world has largely been one where 'transparency' refers to openness about budgets, processes, goals. It isn't that those things aren't important to this new view of transparency -- just that they're not sufficient. Listening to Michael and Jenny and Meredith and others, it becomes clear that transparency also means letting personal 'authenticity' show through. When you've spent a lot of hours 'ghosting' carefully correct letters or compiling factual 'no-personal-opinions-here' reports, that's hard. Still, it seems important -- and may be fun."

I told Mary that for whatever reason, it seems like my generation just hasn't connected with ALA, that to us it is an amorphous beast with no real purpose. And at some point, we lost the people behind the organization, so I think Mary's blog and other efforts ALA is making will start to change our perceptions of the organization. That's going to be important if we're going to help keep it alive and growing in the future.

Welcome to the biblioblogosphere, Mary - we're (I'm) really looking forward to reading what you have to say!

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