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* Thursday, May 11, 2006

And if the State Librarian Is Doing It....

News Aggregators

"Have you seen the quip on t-shirts and book bags, 'too many books, too little time'? Well a 2006 version of that is 'too many blogs, too little time!' After several attempts at self -education about news aggregators, I finally asked my valued friend and tech guru Brenda Hough for advice. She told me to go to Bloglines or another aggregator, and just start messing around. So I did, and now I have a very efficient and useful way to get the information I want....

I encourage you to try out this time-saver; you'll wish you could get all your web information this way!" [Travels with the State Librarian]

Kansas libraries, do YOU have an RSS feed? Libraries in general, do YOU have an RSS feed?

It's great to see Christie Brandau, the State Librarian of Kansas, actively pursue playing with and learning how to use these new tools! She should put "State Librarian 2.0" on her business card! :p

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