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* Saturday, June 24, 2006

20060624 David Warlick: The Flattening of the Web

David blogs at Two Cents Worth -

Started out with an elephant on a trampoline video (this is what we need to make schools do)

Handouts will be at
Showed his blog and wiki as the handouts

If you blog about his session, please include the phrases "flat classroom" and "david warlick" so that your post becomes part of the wiki/handouts.

"collaborative notebook" - someone in the audience registered on David's wiki page for this program while David was talking about it :-)

talked about using a wiki for a study guide for a history class in which the students build the guide, not the teacher

talked about bloggercons, unconferences, and PodcasterCon
the shape of information has changed - took a picture of a podcaster, who put the picture on his blog, which David then reblogged, which got picked up by Dutch bloggers

showed Bloglines - it brings things to me

the number of people who have access to broadband internet in their homes increased 40% in one year
assignment: how long would it take a family to pull in their school library over that broadband connection?

- this year, China will pass the U.S. in broadband subscriptions
- U.S. has fallen to 19th in household broadband penetration
- this year, we will be passed by Slovenia
- in South Korea, every house has broadband because someone made a decision that it was in their national best interest to do this
- here in the U.S., we made the decision several years ago that every child should know how to read

what's really changed with the web? what are the new characteristics of information?

1. networked - it's not just can you read, but do you have the skills to expose the truth
2. digital - new skills to process digital information
3. overwhelming - can you express an idea compellingly to an audience, not just can you put together a coherent paragraph

showed a tag cloud for a Technorati search for Thomas Friedman's "The World Is Flat"

"The Creative Class" book

showed his son - iPod, Xbox, online gaming (collaborating to accomplish a goal), laptop with IM
pictures of his son in his "cockpit"

we look at this picture and we see the technology
if we asked his son, though, he would talk about the information - he's focused on it as the story, the interaction - he buys the story when he buys information (we need storytellers)

we were taught to accept the authority of what was handed to us (being a reader meant being able to understand what you read because you assumed it was true)
in the 21st century, being literate also means being able to prove something is true, so we have to teach kids when to go where and how to prove things

showed (geography of news)
showed his own - can come here and register a conference

Too much information

probably 1/4 of the audience knew what RSS is!
showed an aggregator called NewsFire (Mac); the news comes to me
we're training the information to find us, to follow us around
this is information literacy, folks
it takes a whole new set of skills today to find information

showed his "personal learning network" - people who can help me do my job
George Siemens - "connectivism"

quote that today children think everything is "clickable," including their parents
what does a clickable library look like? what are learning environments that are that responsive like?

the audience as the source of wealth
walls don't mean the same thing to kids that it meant to us because they can talk to anyone on cell phones, play games with anyone, they're writing blogs/MySpace, etc.... all through the walls
they have tentacles to these things that take them where they want to go
and then they walk into the classroom and we cut off those tentacles
these kids are living in learning engines
we get them in the classroom and we try to make them into the kids we want to teach, rather than teaching the kids they are

remix culture
told a story about his son creating machinima with Halo
showed a video his son created and noted how he puts these out there on his blog

David, I'd like a copy of the video you showed at the beginning! :-D

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