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* Tuesday, August 1, 2006

ALA Day One

I'm officially an employee of the American Library Association!

My first day at ALA today consisted of a lot of HR forms and explanations, a ton o'introductions, and the beginning of training on the various technology systems (email, voicemail, the knowledge management system, etc.).

However, the best part was the positive attitude I constantly encountered in so many of the new colleagues I met today, folks who want to learn more about blogs, RSS, wikis, connecting members, etc. It was refreshing to see how many of them are willing to try new things, want to discuss new (progressive) models, and are interesting in experimenting with new technologies.

I learned a lot of interesting (and cool) things that I hope will start showing up on ALA blogs soon. While I wade through the first week of orientation-type days (although I have my first meeting tomorrow!), you'll probably see more over on my Flickr account than here.

Oh, and speaking of Flickr, I was very excited to meet John Chrastka, the guy that started ALA's Flickr account! John is the Manager for Membership Development, and he definitely "gets" a lot of the 2.0 discussion. I can't wait to start working more closely with him and others who are as excited as I am about the potential for these tools at ALA.

Thanks to everyone who made this day so easy, comfortable, and welcoming for me!

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