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* Monday, October 2, 2006

A Game [ing] ALA President

Excerpt from a comment on Jeff Trzeciak's post I Want a Gaming Librarian

"I am a millennial librarian. I just graduated with my MLS and would love to be the gaming librarian at a library. The only condition would be that I be given the chance to implement new programs, strategies, and fundamental philosophy. That my friend takes more than hiring someone to “take care” of that demographic. While I have insight into the online environments because I game and I know an amateur game designer, nothing can replace a staff who is willing to not be the experts on a topic, and open up the opportunity to allow community members to step up to be leaders. While I will continue to advocate services that support gamers as well as advocate to gamers that they give libraries one more chance to provide them with quality service, it will take more than just a gamer librarian at every library to make a difference. I want a gamer director, or a gamer on the library board, or even a gamer ALA president." [Jami Schwarzwalder]
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