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* Monday, October 16, 2006

20061016 03 Libraries as Publishers

Quality and Multitude: in the Digital Music Supply from Danish Public Libraries – Susanne Buus-Pedersen, Copenhagen City Library (Denmark)

a collaboration between Danish public libraries and (Digital Internet Distribution)

financial support in the first project year came from the Danish National Library Authority
in 2003, Danish Minister of Culture announced a four-year plan to support the Danish music scene (2003–2007)
– legal digital music distribution
– popular music scene
– classical music education – a national onlien distribution platform for licensed music
for all Danish patrons
digital files of Danish music can be downloaded from database for a limited time – a national library internet portal focusing on music in all its forms, including

two sites support each other

top level is Danish libraries, represented by Library Consortium; enters into contracts with music publishers
files are distributed through Phonofile, which the music shops already use
files go to State Library, local libraries, and musikbibliotek

completely free of charge to the user

– limited free access to digital material in public libraries
– influence on library selections from publishing houses

free access is seen by Danes as a birthright, but this is changing in the digital world because of restrictions

debating the idea of offering local and other noncommercial music
should the libraries be acquiring local content for dissemination through DiGiDi?

proposed model
– musicians upload their music to netmusik and add metadata
– files go to Phonofile
– files then are filtered for library selections by a group of moderators
– files go back through system and are available through netmusik
– most become available for sale, but subset becomes available for library users


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