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* Monday, October 16, 2006

20061016 04 Real-world Information Delivery

Graham Spooner & Gillian Wood, The College of Nursing

Graham showed a comic he made with the Comic Strip Generator :-)

“Clinical Information Access” Project (CIAP)

showed a second comic strip he generated! :-)

it’s clear librarians are no longer the only ones in charge of these types of projects
most can be in our core business area
are we in the car or hitch-hiking along?

“information keystones”

have tried to add other resources onto CIAP; integrating them into existing brand

advocated for evidence-based practice; interesting division between being an early adopter (L2) and using EBIP
have to move out of our comfort zone a little
keep the things that work

they looked at the end goal and didn’t get bogged down in the turf wars
act as mediators
lots of patience and humour

Barbara Peacock, Nedbank (South Africa)

Centralised Information

millions of users who have never had a bank account before

can’t look up information about football in 2010 (valid research) because it’s blocked by the bank’s filters
have one computer that is on dial-up and is off the network so they can do this kind of research

concentrated on making the interface as easy to use as possible because only 3 million of 45 million people have internet access
won’t admit they don’t know how something works

Andrew Lewis, The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (UK)

Shock, Horror, Computer Games are good for public libraries

games they have made, not bought

“creating digital citizenship” – basically means using government services the government created that they don’t think anyone is using

data processing and manipulation is built into them
deliverable using existing information channels

showed three pilots of games

using cartoon trailers to advertise reading schemes

multi-lib program

no budget, very low-fi approach

1. reading challenge (annual event)
see 1,000 accesses of their games each month
it’s an ad for their reading program that everyone sees before getting to the games
games that develop mouse skills but “are mostly just fun”
“libraries – all the books you can eat”

2. talking customer comment form for young children
speaks each letter you type in the form, too, to help early readers

3. “Big Bad World” – a game about information literacy
goal is to find a lost pet, records your actions and decisions

immerse them in activities where they have to make choices about information


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