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* Thursday, October 19, 2006

Flickr Explained for Librarians

If you're doing a Learning 2.0 initiative, implementing an emerging technologies committee, or just trying to help your colleagues keep up, check out this article by Connie Crosby about Flickr, which includes this excerpt from an interview with Michael Porter.

Flickr is the Web Photo Tool Preferred by Superheroes and Librarians

"The ability to easily comment on and discuss images, put them in subject specific groups and have discussion threads within those groups makes Flickr much, much more than simply photo sharing. It actually helps deliver some of that 'promise of the Internet' we’ve always wanted more of. Understanding Flickr and all of its features (like groups, mapping, commenting, setting friends, tagging, etc) is also one of the very best ways to get a grasp on all of the “2.0” business that seems to be all the rage in library (and other) circles now. There is a reason you hear that '2.0' term all the time at conferences and in professional publications and 'getting' Flickr can be an amazingly fun, practical, engaging and psychologically rewarding 'Library 2.0' learning experience."[]
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