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* Thursday, January 4, 2007

Mii Heaven

Almost every time I play with my Wii, I find myself muttering, "Nintendo is brilliant." Besides the fact that the games are a lot of fun to play, the whole mii thing is a dazzling display of how social gaming can be if it is created that way from the start.

I'm struggling to find time to create my own miis right now, so I was thrilled when Kate sent a link to the Mii Mega-Mall. She just killed my whole night, but at least I'll have something to show for it afterwards! I'm still going to try to make the most obvious mii tonight, Mini Mii from the Austin Powers movies.

Addendum: I forgot to note that this is a Windows-only app and it requires dotnet 2.0 underneath it. Anybody else getting an "Unable to connect to remote server" error message when trying to run it?

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