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* Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Things I've Learned from ALA 2.0 Lately

But far and away, my favorite ALA 2.0 habit right now is the Emerging Leaders wiki. While the program had a controversial start, I can't say enough good things about the participants, many of whom I got to meet at Midwinter. They give me great hope for the future of ALA, and not just because they've gone to town using the wiki and other collaborative tools.

There are 49 registered users on the wiki, and almost all of them have added brief biographies about themselves to get to know each other. Many have even included pictures on their user pages. Many projects have contributions from their team members. These future leaders are posting meeting notes, sharing documents, posting timelines and bibliographies, talking with each other, and more, all on the wiki. It's instructional - and fun - to watch.

Again, my 80s bias will show when I point to my favorite self-named team (other than my team - go HHers!), the Librarians of Unusual Skills group, otherwise known as L.O.U.S.s.

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