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* Tuesday, March 13, 2007

23 Library 2.0 Things in 15 Minutes a Day

Library 2.0 Programs

"I'm working up some materials to promote a 2.0 learning program at my library, and it's turned into a really interesting project. I've put together a wiki with a rough draft of some curriculum, as well as links to libraries doing similar programs. I'm hoping to get some input on the wiki - it's at

Eventually I'd like to cover a lot of different 2.0 topics, so that other libraries doing the program can pick and choose what they want to pursue with their staff." [Library 2.0]

In just a year and a half, we've gone from Michael Casey coining the term "Library 2.0" to Helene Blowers' L2-based training program to teach staff about L2 using L2 tools, this "15 minute a day" program by Sam Wallin, and more. It's great to see librarians taking the lead like this.

And of course, how great that I found this resource because Bill Drew got out there and played, created the Library 2.0 social network on Ning.

It also shows what an idea generator Stephen Abram is for our profession. If you haven't read his two seminal articles that inspired this trend, here they are.

You can watch his blog, Stephen's Lighthouse, where he posts links to new ones when they are posted online to be further inspired.

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