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* Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gaming and Libraries Symposium Enthusiasm (#4)

Since registration for the 2007 ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium closes this Friday (July 13, 2007), I thought I'd do one more post about why I think this opportunity is so unique for those who are interested in gaming services in libraries.

Technically, Second Life isn't a game, although you can do game-like things in it if you choose to. So what do library services look like in a virtual world like SL? How can we experiment there when we're still working on our first life presences? Who, what, where, when, how, and why?

If you've been asking yourself any of those questions, this event will help answer them for you, thanks to a group of speakers who are leading the way in this area, including the folks from the Alliance Library System spearheading the Info Island effort.

  • Libraries Get a Second Life

    Lori Bell (Alliance Library System), Tom Peters (TAP Consulting)

    "First lives are often busy enough but a second one can allow you to be anyone you want! Alliance Library System started the Second Life Library in April 2006. We have found that people in virtual worlds do want libraries, and even books. We have offered some traditional and some new services. This program will cover how we got started, what works and what does not work. Tom Peters and Lori Bell will discuss the project."

  • How to Convince Administration and Management of the Value for Libraries in Virtual Environments

    Kitty Pope (Alliance Library System), Barbara Galik (Cullom-Davis Library, Bradley University)

    "These speakers will discuss effective strategies and how to build a case for your library's involvement in virtual environments such as Second Life. They will provide practical examples of why libraries are important in the virtual environment and information you can provide to your administrator to convince them to get involved. If you are an administrator, they will talk about why virtual environments are important to the future of libraries and management techniques for staff involved in these services."

  • Off the Beaten Track in SL

    John Kirriemuir (Silversprite Consulting)

    "This presentation covers a sample of some of these libraries that are 'off the beaten track,' focusing on ones that rarely, if ever, make the library media. The presentation looks at attributes of these libraries, including the functionality of the library structure, the resource (person hours) needed to develop it, any funding source, or official sanction, how 'busy' has the structure or facility been, have there been real-world impacts, and more."

  • It's Not a Game! Building a Campus Second Life

    Jeremy Kemp (San Jose State University SLIS)

    "In Fall of 2006 San Jose State University's School of Library and Information Science purchased 16 acres of virtual space in Second Life. With a summer class scheduled and plans to expand the schedule for Fall, SJSU is at the leading edge of a growing movement to offer real world lessons in this new distance learning mode....Information science professionals will see how Second Life brings in live information from Web databases and models that data in walkable settings and manipulable objects. The session will demonstrate Second Life's portals for email and streaming video as well. When participants finish this session they will be well prepared to enter the environment themselves, how to find other library professionals doing amazing things and have some ideas for how to bring their organization in as well."

  • One Step at a Time Towards Tomorrow: Lessons Learned from Pursuing Second Life

    Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library)

    "In pursuing innovation, librarians can encounter a variety of challenges, limitations, resource deficits, and policy and procedures obstacles. Faced with such factors, an individual must choose: stop trying or get creative. This session will discuss the UIUC Library's SecondLife initiative as a case study of persistence and creativity in continued pursuit of innovation when success was not immediate but progress is possible and indeed is occurring (even if more slowly than desired). Participants will be asked to contribute to a discussion exploring strategies for "next steps" with any innovation that is 'stuck' or not yet even started. Leave the session with inspiration and enthusiasm - as well as practical strategies - for making things happen."

  • And more!

And to wrap up this series of reasons why I am so honored to be organizing this event, I have to emphasize again the chance to hear James Paul Gee, Henry Jenkins, Liz Lawley, Eli Neiburger, Scott Nicholson, and Greg Trefry as keynote and featured speakers, all in one place. This line-up (heck, the *whole* line-up) of presenters is so cool, it's gotta wear shades!

Again, registration is about to close, so fill that form out now!

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