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* Thursday, August 9, 2007

EBSCO Finally Gets RSS Right

For two years, I've been giving presentations showing ProQuest's mock-ups of what RSS could look like in its databases if it existed and EBSCO's crazy wack, real-life implementation. I tell the audience to tell ProQuest to implement already and then tell EBSCO to make their setup easier to use. Today, however, all of this changes because EBSCO has changed the way it offers RSS feeds and they've done a great job. EBSCO CIO Mike Gorrell told me the new version "kicks butt in the RSS area," and he is oh-so-very-right.

EBSCO's new implementation of RSS

Now I can easily walk through a demo and show it live without having to worry about logging into MyEBSCOHost first. Now I can run a search and see that beautiful orange button directly on the results screen. Now I can click on that button and immediately get a URL to throw into my aggregator. My only quibble in testing so far is that I'd like to be able to either rename the feed or I'd encourage EBSCO to put the name of the patron's library into the feed title.

EBSCO's new implementation of RSS

When I create my examples of bibliographies, community sites, and news alerts, I'll definitely be using EBSCO to show how easy this should be in *every* library database. A big thank you to Mike and his colleagues for listening and then actually acting to make this piece easier and more useful.

EBSCO RSS in my aggregator

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