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 Sunday, December 07, 2003

10 hottest wireless applications for 2004.

According to Dan O'Shea in Telephony magazine Dec. 1

1. Multimedia messaging
2. Voice over WLAN
3. Localized content
4. Multicasting
5. Group press-to-talk
6. Remote networking
7. Wireless printing
8. Mobile blogging
9. Mobile community services
10. Industrial productivity

"MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING MMS is sort of like hot apps 1 through 5. The kids in Asia and Europe are all over it. To the U.S., messaging is the initial application, but get ready for more. VOICE OVER WLAN It's the phenom of education and healthcare, where it's deployed for utility. In the enterprise, it could soon be deployed for cost (or lack thereof). SpectraLink, Vocera, Telesym and Symbol Technologies are good sources for what'll happen next. LOCALIZED CONTENT Small town newspapers and municipalities providing content over mobile devices?"

[Smart Mobs]
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 Tuesday, December 02, 2003

2 gigabit per second wireless networking. Always on the case, Om Malik gets the scoop on a new wireless networking protocol called Gigabit to the Desktop, or GTTD, which operates around the 56GHz band of spectrum and should have a connection speed of at least 2 gigabits per second. He doesn't say what the range of GTTD might be, but it is supposed to offer much better security than what's offered with WiFi. Read... [Gizmodo]
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